We assemble all ATI products in our 50,000-square-foot Southern California factory. Everything is built 100 percent to our specifications, and we monitor every aspect of the quality-control process ourselves. Here are some of the steps we take to make ATI products the best value in the audio industry. All of these improvements pay off in dependability and sound quality.

No Shortcuts. No Compromises

Maximum Performance For more than three decades, designer/engineer Morris Kessler has created audio/video products with a simple goal in mind: delivering maximum performance and reliability. In his products, you will find no gratuitous features or needless ornamentation. But everywhere you look, you will find design touches that improve sound quality and increase dependability.


"The Best Sound at the 2015 CES!"

Scott Wilkinson, Editor of the AVS Forum

"ATI's AT6002 Signature Amplifier Earns 5 Stars Plus Best of 2014 Award"

Home Theater Review

ATI AT6005Plus Top Pick of the Year Award, 2014

Sound and Vision, October, 2014


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